Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Life's what you make it - Talk Talk

#DryJanuary - Day 6 - Message
Lyric:- Baby, life's what you make it, don't back date it. Baby, don't try to shade it, beauty is naked - Hollis & Friese-Greene

Song Choice:- And what a bloody belter of a tune this is all the way from 1985! OMG a complete lifetime ago. Loved it then and still love now... 

Whatever happened to Talk Talk and why didn't they copyright their name? I bet they are kicking themselves now...

Anyway, it's Day 6 of this year's #DryJanuary and the 'Talk Talk' and 'Life's what you make it' references and seem most apt, and here's a question for you. Are you someone that just 'Talks' about stuff but never actually follows through and does it? It's amazing to me how much people can try to camouflage their own failings with a good old dose of flowery BS and never complete anything they said they were going to. I've met a lot of folk who 'Talk' a great story. So maybe it's time to cut the BS and do it for once and prove to yourself what you are capable of. 

I believe it's all about being honest with the one BIG person in your life - namely Yourself. 

You are the one and only person who knows when you are full of BS, when you are frightened and when you need support. It's just that we get scared to ask for help or get beaten into submission by those around us.

As the lyrics say 'Life's what you make it' and being honest for once about things can help to start the unthinkable happening and make things look a bit brighter on a very bleak January morning.

So why not strip things back...get naked and start to see yourself for whom you really are. 

When you do, I bet you're are probably a lot more beautiful than you think. Talk Talk were great, the song has great drive and the unforgettable line 'Beauty is Naked'. Try not to forget that today...and start to rebuild yourself from your skin outwards.

More tomorrow...Where there will be More Action and Less Talk Talk...

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