Friday, 22 January 2016

F.E.A.R - ortoPilot

Lyric:- 'Finding Eternity Arouses Reaction' - Brown, Colquhoun & McCraken

Song Choice:- I prefer the ortoPilot version over the original rather depressing Brown version but you takes your choice. Personally I think it's such a clever song lyrically using the FEAR acronym all the way though for the lyrics. Ok you do get some rather dodgy lines, as above, but even still they do get me thinking out on my long runs about why some things in life can be SO SCARY.

Like I'm sure that if I found eternity, it would arouse reaction in me as in essence maybe that's where I'm mentally heading.

I'm not trying to move mountains anymore I'm now in the stage of my life where I know what I'm good at and I want to do it for as long as I possibly can before I'm rolled out every afternoon from the old peoples' home to have a kip in the fresh air before my nappy needs changing.

Boy I'm going to be a terrible older person...

Anyway, before then I've got to keep on loving what I'm loving, enjoying the breathing in every last drop of life I can get as you never know just what's around the corner.

FEAR stops us from doing so much and I have some new lyrics for Mr.Brown as I believe this world of ours is full of folk telling you what to do and when to do it.

How about 'Fuck Everyone And Relax'...try that in your cuppa and hopefully it help you out of the last few days of #DryJanuary into infinity and beyond:-)

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