Wednesday, 27 January 2016

By this River - Brian Eno

Lyric:- 'Underneath a sky that's ever falling down' - Eno

Song Choice:- I bought Eno's 'Before and After Science' Album when it came out in 1978 and I'll admit that I wasn't probably old enough to appreciate it's depth and meaning if I'm being honest but I do remember listening to it when I was at my absolute rock bottom a few year's later on.

There comes a moment when the Sky really feels like it's falling down and if you've suffered depression you'll know exactly where I'm coming from. If you listen to the Eno album, you'll probably see how it didn't brighten my mood. But then again, nothing would have at the time.

It takes a huge amount of effort to drag yourself out of the depths and if you are 27 days into your #DryJanuary and if are already thinking about that first drink with dripping lips and know that even though you've been dry for a month, you'll soon be back to your old tricks, well I say 'What the fuck are you thinking about?

Now if that's you, it's time to break free and start the long climb out of booze-hell to happiness.

Best place is to get some fresh air and get rid of all your Brian Eno Albums, well for the time being anyway!

More Tomorrow...

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