Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Parallels - Yes

Lyric:- 'When you've tried most everything and nothing's taking you higher.
When you come to realize, you've been playing with fire'. - Squire

Song Choice:- One of my favourites of the 'Yes' guys and take a listen for yourself here  and see just what you've been missing since 1977. Sadly no longer with us, Bass Player, Chris Squire's lyrics are just brilliantly AWESOME and really get me thinking about my own inspiration and direction and 'Parallels'.

I've interspersed some of the lyrics into today's blog and expanded on what they mean to me.

'Hear me when I say to you, it's really down to your heart'.
And how right he is...I'm sometimes employed by folk who's heart just isn't into the training. It's in your heart if you want to be better at what you do. I can't do that for you and I know I'm good, but I ain't that bloody good!

'It's the beginning of a new love in sight'.
It sure is Mr Squire, a whole new 'love affair' with life itself, I would say.

'You've got the way to make it all happen'.
Yep, everyone's got it, not many use it or ever to the full. 'Make it Happen' - it's a simple motto. My friend, C Scott Ragsdale swears by it!

'Create a new dimension'.
Find an area where you find you can shine - that's the real nuts and bolts of it for me as I'm not one to fit in with the crowd.

'When we are winning we can stop and shout'
That's the easy bit - everyone's your friend when it's good and no one listens when it's all going 'Tits-up', but that's the time to battle on in my experience.

'Making love towards perfection'.
Just a juicy line...When it's right - it's right. Not every time but enough to keep you trying. How's your Perfection, or Love Making for that matter?

'I've been all around the world and seen so many faces'.
And if you can do ALL the above you can go to some amazing places, meet incredible people and do marvellous things for those you meet and of course yourself.

There's a 'Parallel You' in there somewhere...Why don't you use it, go on 'STOP AND SHOUT!'

More tomorrow...

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