Monday, 18 January 2016

Another Brick in the Wall Part 3 - The Pink Floyd

Lyric:- 'I don't need no drugs to calm me, I have seen the writing on the wall, don't think I need anything at all' - Waters

Song Choice:- Well I bought this on release way back in 1979 and I've always loved Waters venomous singing and the brilliant Gilmour guitar chords. There's a real defiance in this 1 minute 14 second track and it sums up the whole #DryJanuary feel quite nicely ofr me.

You see the whole thing isn't about the 31 day #DryJanuary journey, it's about what happens in 13 days time when #GetPissedFebruary turns up and slaps you firmly in the liver. Valentine's Day is somehow another day that requires copious amounts of alcohol to give folk the Dutch Courage needed to open their hearts to the other sex and before you know it you are back in the groove, keeping your local Off-Licence in business.

The best bit is you can change that RIGHT NOW as you can alter the last day of your #DryJanuary and make it, well the 12th Never if you want to. Why, well you just don't need to put an end date on it do you? Just keep on going until maybe there's a real need ofr a drink, like a wedding or christening or special anniversary.

Then again, no anniversary will ever be as important! Believe me...

More tomorrow...

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