Monday, 4 January 2016

Work - Junior Boys

#DryJanuary - Day 4 - Message
Lyric:- 'Well there goes another one, counting down, for a night on the town' -  Adderley, Brown Jr, Diadems & Greenspan

Song Choice:- On the subject of 'Work' today and a with quick flick through my songs, this one popped up and I'll own up that I 'Shazamed' it in the Gym as the Junior Boys aren't my usual tipple.

Then again in #DryJanuary, I don't have a favourite tipple any more especially as it's my 22nd Birthday Dry tomorrow. As usual, this year, I've been and bought myself a Birthday Card to send to myself (yep, I know is cranky but I like it) and sadly there are no 22nd Birthday Card's at my local Co-op (big spender eh?). But there are LOADS and I mean LOADS of card with booze, champagne, people pissed and passed out on etc. to choose from. Well what did I expect from a store just FULL of booze placed all around the store from the very first step  into it...Grrrr - How we can ever escape this in the UK, I'll never know.

Anyway, less of my 22nd Birthday and thoughts on Supermarket's Immorality and back to my 'Work' subject. SO many people I meet feel stressed about their jobs and even more plainly don't like what they do with 37.5+hrs of their life back week, to the extent that they need to whack down at least a bottle in the evening to get up and repeat the process again the next da.on a daily basis.

Then again, I've been there and got the T-shirt on that one. The thing was I loved my job and it's creativity and used the pub arena to celebrate the day's achievements. The trouble was that one soon became five and I joined the five o'clock club in the pub with the folk that hated their jobs or had just 'Had a bad day' and became someone that I hated. It took me ages and a lot of hours in the pub to work that one out sadly.

The thing is if you don't drink, I believe you have less bad days and can remember more of the good ones!

And if you are struggling on your first day back and thinking you are in for a long week, just think about getting to bedtime booze-free. If you are struggling big time - I might be able to help you as there are ways out of the work-booze-work-booze cycle.

That's all I did all those years ago and have never looked back.

So before work, I've got to write my Birthday Card and then go and run 26.2 miles in the rain and mud with a client today and afterwards I'll be celebrating with a nice cup of Earl Grey later on as I LOVE my job.

More tomorrow...

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