Monday, 11 January 2016

Queen Bitch - David Bowie

#DryJanuary - Day 11 - Message
Lyric:- 'I'm up on the Eleventh Floor looking at the Cruisers Below' - Bowie

Song Choice:- Well in a world where there is no longer a David Bowie, it feels only right to choose my favourite Bowie track, especially as it references today's magic number of Eleven.

Before Bowie's sad loss I was going to reference the amps of Spinal Tap going up to Eleven and wondered if there's anything you could do one louder than ten in your life?

Be honest and there anything or is there a standard you reach that's so extreme that you could say, 'I'm actually one better than ten, I'm an Eleven'. You know where you deliver 110% of anyone's expectations? I'd like to think with my coaching that I do - but nothing's perfect is it and I have to keep raising my bar, as one bad review can kill one's reputation.

It's a hard task to deliver time and time again and you are only ever as good as your last performance they say and if you're not delivering the goods or used to but now don't, isn't it time to upped your game and became an 11/10 kinda person.

Maybe listen to some Bowie, he WAS an 11/10 kinda guy and will be sadly missed by me and by millions of fans. No doubt he's on a much higher floor than eleven now looking down on everyone below making music with Lemmy! Now there's a thought!

Anyway my Day 11 #DryJanuary lovelies, don't join them yet and make every day count folks and make it an Eleven out of Ten Day tomorrow, for Bowie's sake and for your own eh?

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